This is a real thing. Now available on A Gronking to Remember by Lacey Noonan. It’s book one in the Rob Gronkowski erotica series. Really. The author details a sordid and sexy tale in which a Connecticut housewife sees the 25-year-old New England Patriots tight end perform his patented “Gronk Spike” after scoring a touchdown on television and falls madly in lust. And warning: it contains some sexually graphic scenes reported to involve footballs.

This sets a dangerous precedent for both housewives and the NFL. Potential spin-offs might include:

Wide Receiver: Calvin’s Johnson Story
Jimmy Hat Graham: Tight End For the Ages
Marshawn Lynch: Bestiality Mode
The Romosexual: A Cowboy Story
Eddie Lacy Lingerie: Packer Hits the Hole

Just to name a few. Tune in to the Divisional playoff games this weekend for more inspiration. It's sure to be a Gronking to remember.