Sure the critics will say TCU's win over Kansas State was more flashy.  The east coast voters will marvel at Ohio State slapping down Michigan State.  However the biggest win has to be Alabama's come from behind victory over LSU at Death Valley.

The pundits have criticized the game for its lack of offense.  I call it real man football.  When most scores resemble that of college basketballs teams, the Tigers and Tide showed what grown man football is all about in one word... Defense..

The committee will make it's selection Tuesday night and we're all waiting for their announcement.  Will Alabama make the top four?  Or will the Danny Kanell led anti-SEC bias prevail?  It doesn't matter, Alabama controls it's own destiny.

Nick Saban's team will run the gauntlet  beginning with a home game against Mississippi State Bulldogs, the number one team in college football team.  If the Tide gets past State, they'll face their arch nemesis, the Auburn Tigers.  Win there, and then Bama faces the SEC East Winner in Atlanta for the conference championship.  TCU and Baylor have no conference championship game, yet some believe they should make the playoffs.

They're will be plenty of talk between now and Saturday, however unlike the critics, the Crimson Tide will do their speaking on the field.