Russell Wilson and my beloved Seahawks are going back to the Super Bowl. I thought I'd write to #3 and thank him. But there are a couple of other more important things I want to address while I'm at it...

Dear Russell Wilson,

Thank you for helping to send the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl.  Seeing the Seahawks do well after so many years of both mediocrity and being just on the cusp of greatness is a feeling I can’t really explain.  Thank you for your passion.  Your emotion. Your honesty.  Your heart for service and others.

But none of that is why I’m writing to you.

I’m writing to you about your next contract.

Because of everything you’ve accomplished, yesterday I heard all of the TV talking heads say you were on your way to signing the largest quarterback contract in NFL history. You win a Super Bowl and then head back the next year while still playing on your rookie contract, you’re gonna get paid.

I’m here to ask you not to make history with your contract.

I’m not saying don’t get paid.  By all means, get a HUGE raise.  But what will setting an NFL record for a size of your paycheck really accomplish? You’re already going to have more money than your grandkids will ever be able to spend.  Plus you’re going to make some coin on endorsements. But from what I know of you, your ego doesn’t need dollar signs to fulfill it.

You are humble, generous, and kind.  Serving your God and others seems to be why you think you were put on Earth.  I admire you for that.  I’m touched by how you visit sick kids (and their parents) in the hospital every week.  You constantly deflect praise heaped on you and put it on your teammates and your fans instead. You have a massive platform because of your success.  But if you take that huge contract, there will be players on your team who will feel they need to set a paycheck record too.  The conversation will become about “respect.”  And inevitably, players will leave for other teams.

I’m asking you to stay humble.  Get paid.  But don’t set a record.  Leave enough money on the table to spread around to your teammates and keep this group together.

Dynasty.  That’s what we could be looking at here if you guys stay together.

High paid players don’t always translate into success (cough-cough, Harvin, cough-cough).  Teamwork, passion, and togetherness translate into success.

You’re going to have agents, friends, and family all pushing you to take the record paycheck.  But before you step into those gold plated shoes, think about if it’s what you really want.  You’re smart enough to know that money won’t make you any happier.  Take what you need.  But then focus on the task at hand: keeping your team together.

At least, that’s something to think about after the first week in February.  Between now and then, you need to be doing what you do – focus on your team winning. Then, at least consider what I’ve written.  I know you’ll do what’s right.  Doing the right thing is what you’re built for.

Your friend, a 12,