The behind the scenes working of a Boise State basketball press conference can be interesting at times. Especially since the laid back Leon Rice became head coach. Today for instance, a planned press conference for 11:45am started at just after high noon. It was discovered coach Rice and most of the media was in the basketball lounge watching Olympic hockey.

Yes it was time for someone to take charge, so I asked the first question which was, "Are we doing this?"

With that the press conference concerning tomorrow's game with UNLV finally began with the question, "What did you learn from the first game with UNLV when BSU blew an 11pt lead in the final four minutes?"

That's what is nice about Leon Rice, he actually answered the question while a Bobby Knight would have been looking for chairs or announcers to toss. You never learn more than what the coaches want you to know in these press conferences so here are the presser highlights. We're hoping for a big crowd, we can't look ahead past UNLV, we have great players and this is a big game. Bet you didn't need a press conference to gather that insight!