The Broncos rocked the Halloween helmets a couple of weeks ago, and that's part of the reason USA Today says Boise State has among the coolest uniforms in all of college football.  Which schools are better?

I love the alternate uniforms in college football.  Each team seems to have at least one alternate helmet and color scheme, and the Broncos surprised everybody with the black and orange Halloween helmets on Halloween day, and gained some national attention too.

USA Today says Boise State ranks #10 in the country on the list of awesome uniforms, because the mix of blue, orange, and white on the regular uniforms makes for some great combos.  And bonus points for the over-sized logos on their helmets.

The Oregon Ducks are #2 on the USA Today list for the best uniforms.  Michigan was voted #1.

The Broncos play New Mexico this weekend at home, and with three more wins the Broncos can play for the Mountain West championship right in Boise.  So the uniforms rock, but perhaps the more important thing is, the team is really good!  And fun to watch.  And the fans look good in all the great blue and orange swag in the seats.  There's much to love.