If you're going to tailgate - do it right! Boise State has been named one of the top colleges to tailgate. I guess the only thing to do from here is go bigger. Friday sounds like a good day to do it, too!

We're known for the blue turf but it's not the ONLY thing that sets us apart from the rest. Blue turf, a great team, tailgating masters and a pride that extends beyond football season. However, when it IS football season, there's no better time to be in Boise.

This Friday is the home opener and it's time to get real. The only way to know that we're feelin' it is to really bring it at the tailgate.

According to Scout.com, BSU was ranked at #22. Alumna Mistee Hansen says Bronco football is a tie that binds: “You can meet someone for the first time at a BSU tailgate, but instantly make a life-long friend.” Most Boise State tailgates take it beyond big-screen televisions and team colors, she says; gourmet food and local wine are common additions.