Hopefully the Boise State Broncos have recovered from last week's embarrassing loss to Air Force. If the Broncos win today, then we'll see more seats filled for upcoming home games.  Another loss, means a lot of empty seats at Bronco Stadium and perhaps the return of the buy two tickets get one free deals.

It's very simple, the Broncos cannot beat themselves in Reno today.  They have to be themselves to beat the Wolfpack.  Football is a very simple game.  It starts with blocking and tackling.  Let's get started.

TURNOVERS  Last week the Broncos committed seven turnovers.  They have to hold onto the ball and not give Nevada extra chances to score.  Eliminate the turnovers and then it becomes a battle of defenses.

QUARTERBACK   Grant Hedrick introduced himself to the world of college football last year against Reno.  After Joe Southwick was injured, Hedrick came in and led the Broncos to a come from behind win.  Coach Harsin needs to find a scheme that plays to Hedrick's strengths.

Hedrick is a limited passer who lacks the accuracy of an elite quarterback.  However he's a great athlete and places a defense on its heels with his running ability.  Once a defense respects Hedrick as a runner, he becomes a much more effective passer.  Expect the Woflpack D to stack the box and dare Hedrick to beat them.

RUNNING BACK   Remember when Jay Ajayi wanted to be called the Brahma Bull?  What happens when the bull fumbles the ball several times?  He gets sent to the bench never to be heard from again.  If Ajayi wants to be considered an elite running back, he must hold onto the ball and not go down easy.  Expect Nevada to try to strip the ball from Ajayi every time he touches it.

ATTITUDE  The big story in the local media this week was how the players would handle the hate in Reno.  A better question would be whether or not the Blue will mentally show up.  There was no urgency last week against the Falcons.   Coach Harsin must have his team ready to play.  Players should be focused on the Wolfpack and themselves.  Silly quotes about 'feeding off the hate', should be left for the silly rabbits in the media.

The time for speculation is over.  Players play and we'll see which team shows up tonight.  Expect a physical game tonight at Mackay Stadium.  The Broncos need this game to restablish itself not as a national player, but as a legitimate contender for the Mountain West title.  Baby steps lead to big things, none bigger than tonight's game.