Cam Newton Is No Russel Wilson
Cam Newton continues to defend his sulking act after Super Bowl 50.  The NFL MVP is a gifted athlete who doesn't understand the importance of losing in sports.  He could learn a great deal from Russel of the Seattle Seahawks.
Cam’s Sham
Cam Newton can learn a lesson from the great Western Philosopher Mike Tyson.  "Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face."
Peyton’s Next Stop?
Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, perhaps the greatest of all time.  For the good of his health and sanity, he should proudly call it a career.
Kellen Moore Verses Rex Ryan
Kellen Moore gets his first NFL start this week as the Dallas Cowboys take on the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills are led by Rex Ryan and a talented yet underachieving defense.  Here's a preview of what awaits Boise's Finest.

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