Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic – Kids Day
630 The Fan was out on the first day of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic for 2014. Kids piled in before they had to head to school with their parents all wearing pajamas and holding their blankets for warmth around them for kids day. Many of them watched the balloons inflate...
4th of July Parade
630 The Fan participated in Boise's 4th of July Liberty Day Parade. It is an annual event that honors our wonderful country!
Boise Music Festival with 630 The Fan
The Fan had a great turnout during the Boise Music Festival. They brought back the infamous basketball hoop and made people shoot 3 in a row for Meridian Speedway Tickets. They were also handing out tote bags, hacky sacks and they were raffling $100 worth of fireworks for July 4th...

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