Kellen Moore has proven to beat the odds and this week the Detroit Lions rewarded him for his efforts.  Since we many never see him on the field, only the Detroit knows what he does for them.  However, it must be significant since they just re-signed the former Boise State star to a two-year deal.
Some Bronco fans wanted the Lions to release Moore.  They wanted  Kellen to get a chance to play and possibly start in the NFL.  The re-signing of Moore limits his chance of playing unless Detroit gets hit with a number of injuries.

Many in Bronco Nation believed Moore would be better of in Dallas reuniting with his old Detroit Offensive Coordinator Scott Lenahan.  If the past is any gauge of opportunity, Tony Romo averages a few games missed a year.  Romo goes down, and Kellen goes in.  Sadly that was not meant to be unless there's a trade in the works.

Moore is a nice guy, but the NFL rewards performance, not pleasantries.  So why did the Lions bring back an undrafted third string quarterback from Boise State?  The answer must be what we don't see.  Kellen Moore is a student of the game.  You don't become college football's all-time winning quarterback with just a great arm.  You do so because you know the game.

Moore must be mastering the NFL game like he did in college for the NFL to reinvest in him.  He may be a third string quarterback on the roster. However, he's much more to the Lions, and they're actions have proved.