After an event at a Houston-area YMCA, J.J. Watt could barely get a few words out in interviews when a group of kids began shouting his name. That got the attention of the best defensive player in the NFL, he went over to the playground to talk to them when somehow the Nae Nae was brought up. Of course it was - the Whip and Nae Nae is everywhere these days.

Watt is a bit familiar with the Nae Nae, having hit it after running an fumble recovery back in a game agains the Colts last season. Watt made headlines with his hard-to-watch rendition of the dance that would later sweep the Internet.

Check out his touchdown celebration below:

The kids had a lesson for the defensive end, teaching him how to really do the Nae Nae. Matt Musil caught the moment on camera:


Let's hope Watt takes pointers from the group for this season.