College football is America's sport.  Could you ever imagine the folks that buy seat licenses at NFL stadiums ever going to a place called StarkVegas?    The nation saw the magic yesterday as the Mississippi State Bulldogs dismantled the Auburn Tigers 38-23.  The Bulldogs were not perfect, but they didn't have to be yesterday.  MSU Coach Dan Mullen has done what most thought impossible. The Bulldogs are the number one team in the nation.  Starkville rules college football!

What about Florida State?  The Seminoles have not beaten the caliber of teams that State has faced.  The SEC haters will say it's bias.   However, only the SEC West can offer three top ten opponents that the bulldogs have beaten three weeks in a row.  Could any of the talking heads have predicted State would've rolled traditional powers LSU, A&M, and Auburn?  The Seminoles have beaten?  Clemson?  Well there's always basketball season for the ACC.

Let's not forget Ole Miss who should be number two in this week's poll.  The Rebs put their historic victory over the Tide last week by drubbing the Aggies 35-20.  Their win was in front of the largest crowd in A&M history.  Both Ole Miss and State avoided the dreaded Sports Illustrated Cover Curse this week.  Can they maintain their winning?  Could the annual showdown known as the Egg Bowl be bigger than any other traditional game this year?

Stay tuned and enjoy the show.  The real magic of this run is that it's unique to college football.  America loves a rags to riches story in life.  We're now seeing the state of Mississippi living that American dream.