What was described as a “Slap Fight” that got out of control has ended with no charges being filed against BSU or its football players.
The city of Boise originally denied The Statesman requests for police officers’ reports, but has released a redacted officer report after charges were dropped.
Ada County Deputy Prosecutor Roger Bourne said Rick Smith and his family was “the deciding factor” in the decision not to charge teammate Jack Fields with a violent crime for injuring Smith in a February locker-room fight. The Statesman article says, It appears Smith slapped Jack Fields “with a hard blow to the face” during the contest.
Smith’s mother told Orton that Smith said he was sorry. Fields advanced on Smith in an “aggressive manner, like he wanted to fight,” according to the report.
“(Smith) then put his hands up and stated ‘chill out bro,’ and at that point (Fields) struck him on his jaw with a closed fist,” Orton’s report reads. “As a result of the strike, (Smith) immediately dropped to the ground and struck the back of his head on the carpeted, concrete locker room floor. (Smith) was knocked unconscious and another player immediately went and advised the athletic trainers.”

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