College GameDay is a Saturday tradition that continues to draw record crowds.  So why are some folks calling for a censorship of the student signs?   Who doesn’t start their College Football Weekend without watching the craziness of ESPN’s broadcast from selected campuses across the country.  Let’s face it, the students are the stars.  Sure we love the coverage of College Football, but who doesn’t like the spontaneity of students, fans, and boosters mugging for the camera.

Personally I enjoy watching the signs made by the folks who get to the broadcast early so they can get on national TV.  Some of them are humorous, intelligent, and downright creative, it’s all in good fun until now.  Urban Meyer’s family is upset about one sign according to USA Today.

   The offending sign referenced Urban’s heart trouble during his last year as Florida’s Head Football Coach.  His wife Shelley took to twitter to tell ESPN enough is enough.  The sign above was referenced on Fox Television’s Outnumbered as offensive and possibly sexist.

ESPN’s Announcers apologized for the offending signs during the broadcast.  The network however says it’s all in good fun.  I agree with them, we have enough censorship in the name of political correctness in the real world.  Let’s encourage the fun instead of trampling on expression.  College GameDay is special and should not be transformed into a sensitized version of the old Seinfeld Show.