Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, perhaps the greatest of all time.  For the good of his health and sanity, he should proudly call it a career.   Who would've thought that years ago, the same NFL quarterback who won so many games would be reduced to barely throwing the ball past the line of scrimmage in Super Bowl 50?  The injuries and hits have taken their toll on the 39 year old Manning.  Yes, even die hard Panther Fans could not help but admire #18's courage during the big game.  However, most of us are worried about his future after football.

Manning did not elaborate about next year when asked by CBS Sports right after the game.  Clearly he wanted to enjoy the moment of winning his second Super Bowl with his teammates.  I've noticed that too often we don't let the athletes enjoy the moment.  It's always on to the next opponent or game.

What's next for Peyton?  Denver will not elect to keep him.  If the Broncos will keep Manning they will have to pay him 19 million dollars.  That's a lot of Brock Osweilers.  How about other teams?  Is there another NFL Team that will tailor their game plan to accommodate Manning's diminished skills?  Would he really want to take a beating playing for the Titans or Rams?

Peyton is too smart to end up like a broken down athlete that are shadows of their greatness.  He's made a ton of money and has a great family.  If we don't see him in the booth calling games, I'd expect him to work the front office as a general manager.  Perhaps his greatness will transfer to the owner's box?