Sorry I'm not going to use that other verb that so many media 'professionals' are declaring on air and online.

Roger Goodell had it made.  Last year, Sports Illustrated declared Goodell the most powerful commissioner in sports.   Under his leadership, revenues have exploded for the NFL and its teams.  However that's not good enough, Goodell made a mistake, and today, unlike President Obama, he admitted to making a mistake.  (Could you ever imagine a politician saying we got it wrong in Iraq and we made a big mistake with healthcare.)

Goodell stated that the NFL would strengthen its policies concerning domestic violence.   That wasn't good enough for the gotcha media.  Forget reporting, it's all about advancing the anti-Goodell agenda.   One analyst suggested that Goodell suspend himself?

Am I missing something?  Why?  Former New England Patriot Teddy Bruschi called on Goodell to fire himself.  Did Goodell commit an alleged crime like the NFL players who are under siege?

The crime Goodell committed was that he held the NFL Players accountable and now it's payback time.  Former and current NFL players detest Goodell for making them follow the basic rules of society.  Gone are the days of praise for the commissioner's role in rehabilitating Michael Vick.  My favorite analysis was by a reporter who said he was 'disapointed' that Goodell did not tell folks how he felt?  Perhaps it's time to call Dr. Phil instead of Jason Whitlock?

The issue is not the mistake Goodell made in handling these controversial cases.  It's that the media has decided they will dictate who stays and who goes.  So much for the powerful in this day of Gotcha Goodell Journalism.