In the NFL, Seahawks fans are some of the most active on social media.  We kick major butt buzzing about our team.

But do you know all the right hashtags?  Now is the time to brush up on the most popular ones.

You probably know what #12s is all about.  But do you know what #Area29 is?

The team breaks it down for us on

#12s - It refers to the NFL's loudest fans of course, the 12th Man.  Just ask the Packers how noisy Seahawks fans are.

#12severywhere - It's used to refer to fans outside of the Pacific Northwest, around the globe.  It's cool to connect with with other fans, especially those in the military overseas.

#Area29 - Refers to that space around free safety Earl Thomas, where balls are likely to get picked off or knocked down.  Don't mess with #29!  And by that I mean number 29, although I'm sure you could hashtag him too.

#Bambam - Cam Chancellor has the word "bam" tattooed on his shoulders, and fans tag tweets with the double version.

#ImIn - The Seahawks want fans to use that one to show the team we've had their back during the playoff run and we'll be there for them on Sunday too.  Hands off of that one, Patriots fans. lists a bunch more hashtags to use this weekend and this weekend if you want to hop on board.

Oh, and my favorite by far -- #Twelfie.  Take a selfie in your Seahawks jersey and hat and tag it that way.  Greatness!  Go Seahawks!