The state of South Carolina is considering removing the Confederate battle flag from its capital grounds.  Should NASCAR do the same at its tracks?  NASCAR President Brian France issued a statement concerning the use of the Confederate Flag at its tracks.  "NASCAR will maintain its long-standing policy preventing the use of the Confederate Flag in any official position at our events. In all areas that NASCAR controls on a given race weekend, the flag has no presence."

He continued stating that his group will support groups that want to take down the Confederate Flag.  "We have been clear in support of this position throughout our industry and to those across the country who have called for the eradication of the Confederate Flag. We will be as aggressive as possible to disassociate NASCAR events from an offensive and divisive symbol. We are working with the industry right now to achieve that goal."

NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Junior called the flag "offensive to an entire race."  Despite the statements by NASCAR and Junior, the stars and bars remains popular with their race fans.  Should NASCAR prohibit fans from flying the flag at races?  Vote Now!