Watch a sixty eight year old politician fight a fifty two year old former heavyweight champion of the world!  This fight has more action than Mayweather Pacquiao! 

The ‘fight’ was a charity fundraiser that raised over a million dollars for CharityVision.  The fight was sanctioned by the World Boxing Council.  Yes, really this was a sanctioned fight.  After the ‘towel was thrown by Romney trainer former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt, Romney had a few ‘jabs’ for his old political foes according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

“He deadpanned that his opponent might not have been as tough as Harry Reid’s workout equipment and that he was hoping the fight would be fought under the Marquess of Queensberry rules, “so it would be as clean as Hillary Clinton’s server.”

He also said he was glad the referee of the fight was not Candy Crowley and that he worried Holyfield might beat his brains out: “then I would become a Democrat.”

George Frey, Getty Images

Observers were amazed at how good the sixty eight year old former GOP presidential candidate looked along side the fifty two year old former heavy weight champion of the world.  Romney supporters continue to hope that he’ll return to the political ring for one more round!