It's getting cold in the Treasure Valley. The cooler temperatures may lead one to ask, what is our winter going to be like this year? To answer such a question, I turned to the resource that I remember being a mainstay in my grandparent's bathroom - the Farmer's Almanac. These days, you can find out what you need to know online.

For the Boise area, Farmer's Almanac says that our temperatures this winter will be above normal, but precipitation levels will also be a bit above average. You can expect to be coldest in late December (hot cocoa by the fire this Christmas) and mid to late February.

So what about skiing? According to this report, the heaviest snowfall will occur in early December which is good news for skiers if the temperatures stay low enough for it to stick to the hill.

So there it is, our winter in a nutshell. Do you believe in the Farmer's Almanac or do you believe it's just a complete guess?