The US Men's World Cup team would have advanced to the round of 16 yesterday with a win over Portugal. It looked like that would happen until a heartbreaking goal for Portugal 4 minutes into the 5-minute extra time. But the US still has a good chance of moving into the knockout round. Here are the scenarios:

1. US win or draw vs. Germany. Teams are tied with 4 points each. Winner wins group G and advances.
2. US loss and Ghana vs. Portugal draw. Germany would win the group with 7 points. US would finish second with 4.
3. US loss and Ghana or Portugal wins, but not by enough. The first tiebreaker for points within the group is goal differential.

So if the US is blown out and Ghana or Portugal wins in a blowout, the US +1 goal differential may not hold up. The second tiebreaker would be cumulative goals scored. The US currently has 4.

It gets a little dicey if the US loses so let’s just beat the Germans Thursday at 9am Pacific.