Where were these Broncos last week?  The Fiesta Bowl may be out, but BSU still has a legitimate chance of winning the Mountain West. This week proved once again why College Football is the must watch event of the weekend.  MLB and the NBA have a million games.  The NFL has twenty-seven teams, it seems, making the playoffs.  Only College Football has the drama that every game is a season.  The playoffs have only enhanced the appeal of the college game.

Last week it looked like Utah State or Air Force would represent the Mountain Division after the Aggies beat the Broncos in Logan.  However, thanks to San Diego State's 48-14 destruction of Utah State Friday Night, the Broncos now control their destiny.  Thank You Aztecs.  Now all the Broncos have to do is win out and beat Air Force.  Oh, there is one more shoe that has to drop to book a flight to San Diego or host the championship game at Albertson's Stadium.  Air Force must beat Utah State, or the Aggies must drop at least one more game to a Mountain Division Rival.

Stranger things have happened, just ask Michigan State and Georgia Tech!  What about another Fiesta Bowl for the Broncos?  Before we book another trip down South, here's what has to happen: Houston, Temple, Memphis and possibly Navy have to lose.  Also, Toledo from the MAC would have to drop a game as well.  It's not impossible, but highly unlikely at this time.  Then again, anything can happen in the college football season.  Just ask Utah State.