Cam Newton can learn a lesson from the great Western Philosopher Mike Tyson.  "Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face."  The newly crowned NFL MVP did not live up to expectations during Super Bowl 50.  The 'man of steel' was reduced to a below average performance against the league's best defense the Denver Broncos.

Newton has had no problem celebrating and taunting opponents as the Panthers rolled to a 18-1 Season.  He won the MVP Vote winning 48 of the possible 50 votes.  However, Newton failed to live up to his fame and expectations.  Newton chose to walk away from the post Super Bowl Press Conference yesterday; he chose not to meet the press after the Panther's loss.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The 27 year old has a lot to learn about playing professional sports.  His lack of maturity was evident yesterday and will follow him well into next year.  Great athletes like Michael Jordon, Larry Bird and Walter Payton always faced the music after a loss.  It was part of the process.  If Newton truly want to be Superman, then he must act like the mythical son of Krypton.  He must become a roll model who answers the tough questions instead of looking to escape the scrutiny.

Let's hope that Cam will understand that sometimes life lesson's aren't all about winning.  It's how you handle the loss.  Just ask Mike Tyson.