I have a dream, a simple dream.  That college football would be year round.  There would be no more suffering enduring endless reruns of the Godfather.  Or the frustration of trying to watch the NBA, NASCAR or MLB.  There's not a sport or activity that compares to the mystique, drama, and excitement of cheering for your favorite team.

I believe college football is America's Number One sport and does not get the recognition it deserves. Perhaps the real reason for the lack of respect for the college game is that its king of fly over country.  Where does college football exist on the East Coast?

I know what you're thinking,' Kevin you've watched one too many episodes of College Game.'  The NFL is king.  It makes almost three BILLION dollars a year.  It's in big cities and has the largest TV contract in sports.  I wouldn't dispute any of those statements or facts.  However, the NFL has jumped the shark.

What are the talking heads yapping about concerning the NFL?  Let's give you a quick rundown:  Ray Rice's assault, Roger Goodell's issues, Adrian Peterson's spanking, etc..and let's not forget the endless dribble about fantasy football and numbers.  Folks if you care more about a player's fantasy performance than your favorite team, you've got issues.  Or better yet, the NFL has issues.

College football represents every man, woman, and town in America.  We all have our favorite teams to root for whether we went there or not.  The players do not get paid, that we know of, and do it for the love of the game.  Or to get to the next level.

Regardless the players stay young and who doesn't like youth?  Are favorite players never get old.  We all get excited about new recruits.  The college game never has to worry about contract holdouts. Let's not forget how expensive NFL tickets cost.

Finally college football is so popular we could have it on everyday of the week instead of just four, once we get into the meat of the season.  So enjoy your Saturdays of college football while they last and maybe one day my dream will become your reality.