Bryan Harsin is a competitor who has won at the highest levels of college football.  He now faces his greatest challenge early into his tenure as the head football coach of the Boise State Broncos.  Saturday night's dismantling by an undersized Falcons is a hard one to process by Bronco Nation.  We were all witnesses to a new era of Bronco Football.  Forget about the championship game and beating the big boys.

It's now all about beating the teams your supposed to beat. The new Bronco staff have talked the talk.  They must now back up their words with actions.  I believe that's easier said than done.  The Mountain West is not the WAC and teams do not fear the Broncos anymore.

Air Force proved that point in a big way Saturday night.  Is it me, or have you noticed the start of the Bronco games are getting later and later?

Now Harsin must make a choice, perhaps as difficult as calling the winning play against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.  Does he stay with the interception prone Hedrik?  Or plan for the future and turn over the keys to everyone's favorite red shirt freshman Finely?

Harsin is paid for his expertise and he says it's Hedrik.  I find it hard to believe that a program that prides itself on developing great quarterbacks has such limited choices when it comes to starters?  Where is Nick Patti?

The Nevada Wolfpack would like nothing better than to give the Broncos a two game losing streak.  We will hear the talk this week from the coaches and players that they learned their lesson.  I hope they're correct and the Blue shows up big in Reno.

If the wrong choices are made, and the Broncos don't compete...  Our memories of the hook and ladder will not be enough to blunt the disappointment of a season lost.