The NFL regular season is a wild ride.  Teams that people dismiss in the preseason end up going to the Super Bowl (cough-cough - my Seahawks) and the ones that are supposed to dominate do stupid things (I'm looking at you Wes "molly" Welker).  With that said, here's my "take it to the bank NFL prediction for this season."

My prediction:

The Seahawks will repeat as Super Bowl champions.  (Haters gonna hate, hate, hate....)

If you're reading this post after the Seahawks play the first game of the NFL season tonight, please choose one of the following endings to this story, depending on the outcome:

A) IF THE SEAHAWKS WIN:  See, after their first performance, the Seahawks are proving that they are a dynasty in the making. And with a leader like Wilson, they have a heart as big as their talent.

B) IF THE SEAHAWKS LOSE:  Eh.  It's just the first game of the season.  All teams have a rough day.  Plus, do you know how hard it is to repeat?  Let them shake off the expectations and hater-ade and they'll figure it out by next week.


Regardless, I stand by my prediction.  The Seahawks will be the champions again.  I've had my say.  How about you? What are your NFL predictions?