Kellen Moore gets his first NFL start this week as the Dallas Cowboys take on the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills are led by Rex Ryan and a talented yet underachieving defense.  Here's a preview of what awaits Boise's Finest.    The good news for the Cowboys is that the Bills defense is currently ranked 21st in the league and is missing several key starters.  All eyes will be on how Kellen handles the Bills defensive schemes.  None more important than Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.  "“We will have the opportunity for him to get in and get this experience, and that will help us,” Jones told The “That will help us as far as what direction we decide to go, relative to backup quarterback.”

Moore's relief of Matt Cassel should prepare him for this weeks challenge.  The Jets were coached by Buffalo Bills Ryan last year.  The Bills, like the Jets, use a blitz scheme designed to force turnovers and rattle quarterbacks.  Fortunately, the Cowboys will have a week to dissect the Bills Defense.

I'd expect Jason Witten and Dez Bryant will be running shorter routes allowing Kellen to get the ball out quickly.  Look for the Cowboys to move #17 out of the pocket to avoid the rush of former NFL #1 Pick Mario Williams and defense tackle Marcell Dareus.  Despite all that talent, the Bills rank 30th in quarterback sacks.  Great news for Kellen and Cowboy Fans!

Sunday will not be the first time that Moore has faced a Ryan-led defense.  The Dallas quarterback played three-quarters when he was a Detroit Lion against the Bills this preseason.  He was 16 of 22 for 150 yards and threw a 64-yard touchdown pass in a 17-10 win according to

Ryan praised Moore to citing his poise, accuracy, and his college record.  He pointed out that Kellen gets your attention. “First thing that jumps out at you, he’s a little bitty dude,” Ryan said. “You’re expecting these big 6-5 dudes and here’s a guy that’s 6-foot. Then he’s throwing with the wrong hand.  The coach has noticed the former Broncos knowledge of the game.

The Cowboys seemed to respond to Kellen's leadership last week.  Even Tony Romo was giving pointers during breaks in the game.  Look for Dallas to give their offense every opportunity to dominate the Bills this week by running the ball, play action passes, and quick slants to their talented receivers.

The odds makers favor the Bills by five points at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  We shouldn't be surprised if the game will bedecided by the play of our favorite NFL quarterback.  Forget Vegas, I'll take those odds.