Here is something everyone from young to old can enjoy about America's National Pastime.  In baseball there is always changes to uniforms to make them look edgy or to more futuristic (failed MLB promotion in the 90's, check out the link below).  Then there are some minor league teams who are having fun with their promotion nights with wearing themed uniforms from all different sorts of pop culture references or even food themed jerseys.

The Portland Sea Dogs have produced and will wear Chewbacca themed uniforms for their Star Wars night.  There is even going to be some actors from the movie to sign autographs and all the proceeds go to the Make a Wish Foundation. This is an amazing idea for a promotion night for minor league teams trying to get a great turn out for their team.  These out of the box ideas are some of the best nights to go enjoy a game.

If the Boise Hawks did something like this I would dress up (depending on the movie, GO STAR TREK!).  Other teams have done Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(Fresno Grizzlies), Bacon (Lehigh Valley IronPigs), and Ghostbusters (Toledo Mud Hens).  If you want to see some of these jerseys check out the link below.