Why is this man clapping?  Can he not see the scoreboard?  Well Boise State and Chris Peterson had one thing in common yesterday, they both lost.  Let's breakdown yesterday's games from their hometown media's perspective.

Before we get to the games, there is some goods news involving the Pac 12 Networking moving to Direct TV reports the LA Times.

The Huskies kept it close but were no match for the Cardinals.  Three impressions from Adam Jude and Percy Allen in today's Seattle Times.

The Bruins continue to move up in the polls.  This week landing at number eight says ESPN.

USC rolls the Beavers and looks forward to Notre Dame reports the CBSsports.

When is a loss a win?  Both teams showed improvement, however Cal survive double overtime to beat Colorado.  The details from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Arizona State smacks down Weber State 45-14.  Is this really news?  Coverage and reaction courtesy of foxsports.

The pirate and his crew lead a Washington State comeback over the Utah Utes from the Seattle Times.