Russell Wilson is an all-pro quarterback that could win his second Super Bowl before his rookie contract expires.  He’s a national spokesman for American Family Insurance and soon to be other endorsements.  However, when it comes to health insurance, he wants America to pick the Obama Care option.  So much for the private care option when it comes to your healthcare.

Steve Dykes, Getty Images

Richard Sherman is a smart guy.  He’s brash, outspoken, but they don’t graduate dummies at Standford.  Sherman is a pro bowl cornerback that is the best ever, according to him.  He, like Wilson, want you to pick the affordable care option.  Should pro athletes be involved with a political position, never mind endorsing government healthcare?

What made Michael Jordan so beloved during his playing time was that he didn’t take a polarizing political position.  The only thing Jordan cared about was winning games, appealing to the most fans, and selling Air Jordans.  How refreshing the world was when athletes stayed out of the political landscapes.

Today athletes feel compelled to make ‘political statements.’  Many times they do so without researching the topics they are commenting on to the public.  That is the case for both Sherman and Wilson in the video above.

Perhaps they both believe in Obama Care and are willing to promote the cause.  Or both Seahawks were paid a lot of money to tout the affordable care act.  Regardless it is a big mistake by both athletes.

We watch athletes for what they do on the court, not for what they say about politics.  They’re paid to entertain us, not endorse political beliefs.  Let’s save the hot air for on field hyperbole and not the playing field.