In my opinion, there's no question at this point: The Patriots cheated in the playoffs.  But the problem remains, what do we do about it?  This may be the answer...

When asked if they thought the Patriots cheated in the AFC championships game, everybody in the country said yes except people in Massachusetts and the New England area. (By the way, thank God for spell check... I couldn't spell that state's name if my life depended on it...)

So they (allegedly) cheated and lied about #Deflategate.  What do we do about it?

One fan has a great idea.  Kick them out of the Super Bowl and replay the AFC championship game between the Colts & the Ravens.  There's even a PETITION you can sign.  So will the NFL listen to the fans?


But it made me feel a little better to sign it.  Even if you're not a Seahawks fan like me, you might feel a little better encouraging the NFL to respect the integrity of the game as well.