Here's the latest on the Soda Fire.    The Soda Fire is 70% contained and could be 100% contained by tomorrow according to Robyn Broyles, from the National Interagency Fire Center.  You can hear the entire interview here beginning at 21:50.   The fire is still 283,000 acres and has been kept in check due to favorable weather conditions over the weekend.

Broyles stated, "we've been working really hard on putting rehabilitation lines in place.  On the North end of our fire we've finished up on our lines looking at where we need to start pulling back our dozer  lines.  We've made excellent progress on the Northern End and now we're focused on the Southern End."

The wind event today is expected to challenge the containment efforts.  Experts predict wind gusts of up to 30mph.  After the weather change, authorities expect the fire to be contained by 100% by Tuesday Morning.  The firefighters have been moved by the community rallying to support their efforts.

"I want to say thank you, Broyles said.  She continued, "the community support and the outpouring of appreciation have been overwhelming to the firefighters.  That means a lot to them. The community has been very gracious.  We're almost done.  We've had an excellent safety record.  Over 900 people here with no safety issues.  We're all proud of that and want to finish strong."

Officials believe the fire will be 100% contained by Tuesday Morning.   A contained area means that there is a boundary that is around the fire that officials believe is secure.  A full perimeter surrounding the fire is cold despite hot spots within the perimeter.  The Soda Fire at its peak was 40 miles long and ten miles wide.

Once the fire is contained, officials will begin to move resources to fight other fires throughout the country.  Governor Otter on Saturday declared Owyhee County a disaster area.