Adrian Peterson says don't blame him for the welts on his four year old son.  His defense against child abuse charges is that he was only doing what was done to him.  Then again, a lot has changed in America in the last twenty years.  The courts will decide Peterson's fate and I believe he should not play this Sunday.  It sends the wrong message.

Should you spank your kid?  Is it time to criminalize parents who use corporal punishment?  Nineteen states currently allow spanking in schools.  Since we live in the 'gilded age' of litigation, I'm surprised it's that high.  I can see the media assault now on a well meaning public servant vilified for following the law.  It's not worth it if you're a school system.

I remember two instances when I was called out for some 'swats' in school.  I'm sure there were many more, however these two stick out.  I was in third grade when Sister Delareno bragged about retiring her paddle.  I was the MVP who brought 'old bessy' out of retirement.  Instead of talking in class, I paid attention.  I didn't want to revisit that experience.

My second adventure involved Southern Justice.  I was in sixth grade once again misbehaving.  (The details are not necessary.)  I can still hear the principal, Mr. Harper, reminding me what I would experience again if necessary.  Boy he had a good swing and I did not want to see him again!   My in class participation changed and I was motivated to be a contributor instead of a disruptor.

These two experiences taught me there were consequences of my bad behavior.  It showed me the meaning of respect.  I believe that's missing with some folks today.  How tough is it to be in timeout?  How many times do we see kids screaming and the parents allow all of us to be exposed to their shenanigans?  Then again, that was our time.

Parents today are smarter and work harder without the paddle.  Times have changed in the last twenty five years.  Mr. Peterson should understand the need to adjust his methods of discipline.  One just has to look at the pictures of his son to understand he went too far.  Corporal punishment, when taken too far, is a crime and Mr. Peterson should be held accountable.  A real man places the blame on himself for his actions instead of others.