With only a few minutes left in the fifth and final round of their UFC title bout, Meisha Tate choked out UFC Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm to win the title.  This was Holm’s first title defense and appeared to be in total control of the fight.  Tate had attempted to win the title several times against former champion Rhonda Rousey.  She had not lost a fight in over two years.  Her last loss was to Rousey who was scheduled to fight Holm before scheduling conflicts interfered with their rematch. Holm was encouraged to wait until Rousey was ready, but wanted to remain more active.  This victory is vindication for Tate who once lived in an RV with her boyfriend outside their gym where they trained.

Holm appeared to be unconscious as Tate’s hand was raised.  No word yet on whether Tate will fight Holm or Rousey.