Breaking news another week in the crazy world of college football.  This week Ole Miss is out and the Ducks are in.  It's nice to see an innovative program like the Ducks make the top four.  If Oregon wins out, simply they're in!  The SEC which is highly promoted and over exposed will have at least one representative in the playoff.  The most anticipated matchup would be with the Alabama Crimson Tide.  What a contrast that would be!

Alabama's road to the playoffs starts this week with a tough game at LSU.  Death Valley is the toughest place to play and considering this is a night game, it will be a huge test for the Tide.  If Alabama gets past LSU they have a showdown with #1 Mississippi State at home in Tuscaloosa the following week.  Then there's the Iron Bowl, so the SEC West will figure itself out.

It seems that Florida State has the easiest role to the title.  I'm sure the Seminoles are not fearing Duke.  Okay maybe in basketball, but not football.  Only a rejuvenated Miami Hurricanes team or the fighting Muschamps can stop FSU.  That seems unlikely at this point.

There are no guarantees  for the Ducks.  Quack Nation has been close before and still feels the disappointment of that loss to Auburn.  However it is a new day and Oregon will be the team that any of the major powers will not want to face in a playoff.  Ask Stanford, ask anyone, Go Ducks!