Why Rhonda Rousey has more work to do if she wants to be the best ever.I know what you’re thinking.  ‘Kevin how can you dispute a woman who has dispatched her opponents in seconds, as someone who has more work to do.?’  For most folks, Rhonda Rousey is the best fighter they’ve ever seen.  She dominates her division like no other sports entity.  I would agree with that statement, however here’s where the bubble gum propaganda ends.

Ms. Rousey is truly a great fighter.  However, she reminds me of when the NFL or NBA had only twelve teams.  Just how good were the old Packers and Celtics considering they didn’t have the wealth of opposition that modern day teams now face.  The same can be said for Rhonda, just how many ‘qualified’ women 135-pound fighters are there?

Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

Not many, and it’s not her fault that she doesn’t face the diversity of opponents like a UFC Male Fighter does.  The women’s division is just beginning which does explain her dominance.  I believe you have to face clearly a multitude of good, talented, and athletic fighters to be considered the best pound for pound fighter.  George St. Pierre and Jon Jones come to mind as examples of being the best.

Only time and a growing competitive women’s UFC division will tell the tale of Rousey’s legacy.  She’s off to a good start.  Let’s enjoy the story and wait for the ending before we crown her the best of the best.